Krill Oil Benefits

Krill Oil Health Benefits

Krill oil is derived from krill biomass which is known to be a rich and powerful reservoir of Omega-3 fatty acids and also known to be the largest biomass in the world. Krill oil is made from Antarctic krill also known as Euphasia Superba. The 3 main exceptional nutrients in Krill oil are Phospholipids of Omega 3, Triglycerides of Omega 3 and Astaxanthin a powerful antioxidant.

Research on krill oil has revealed that, Krill Oil has many health benefits to its credit. There are more than dozen proven krill oil health benefits which is supported by scientific studies. Let’s tread into the details of some of the health benefits of Krill Oil.

  • Cholesterol regulation and Krill Oil:
  • Research has revealed that Krill Oil is beneficial for lowering LDL (more commonly known as the ‘bad’ cholesterol) and in turn is responsible for elevating the HDL (good cholesterol )levels. In addition to this, Krill Oil lowers the triglyceride levels by up to 29%. Maintaining a proper cholesterol regulation, Krill Oil successfully maintains a healthy cardiac functioning.
  • Krill Oil as an effective anti inflammatory agent:
  • Krill oil has been proved to be extremely effective against signs of inflammatory arthritis. Research published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition found that administration 300mg of krill oil daily in patients suffering from arthritis gave them relief from the symptoms of arthritis and the inflammation reduced to a greater extent. It also resulted in decrease in the intake of painkillers such as NSAIDS by the patients.
  • Effect of Krill Oil in brain development and its functioning:
  • Omega-3 fatty acids and choline are essential for brain development and its proper functioning. They also serve as important nutrients for improving cognition, memory, mood and behavior. These in turn favor the treatment of those suffering from cognitive decline. The DHA & phospholipids are also important for maintaining an adequate supply of serotonin receptors and low levels may cause mood swings and unhappiness.
  • Krill Oil and Menstrual Cycle:
  • Krill oil has been proved beneficial for providing relief from stomach discomfort and other symptoms associated with menstrual cycle related issues. It has also shown a 50% decline for need of taking other pills for subsiding discomfort related to Menstrual Cycle related issues. Research has documented that 2 grams of krill oil a day may prevent undesirable effects of Menstrual Cycle related discomfort.
  • Skin health and signs of ageing:
  • The higher percentage of omega-3 fatty acids in krill oil is responsible for curing eczema more effectively than normal fish oils. The skin becomes healthier and stays far away from ageing when krill oil is administered daily. The presence of antioxidant astaxanthin in krill oil prevents ageing and free radical activity in the body.
  • Eye health and Krill oil:
  • Astaxanthin present in krill oil acts as a natural protector against the harmful ultra violet rays. Krill oil is also recommended for improving eye health as it contains a combination of Astaxanthin and phospholipids.
  • Krill oil and Blood Sugar relation:
  • Krill oil has been proved to be effective in reducing the elevated levels of glucose. This is very important for the proper management of blood sugar levels. In addition, Astaxanthin present in krill oil is also responsible for significant reduction of inflammation of the cardiac system, brain, joints and thereby eases all the secondary complications of blood sugar irregularities.