Krill Oil Scientific Research

Over the past several years extensive research has been carried out on health benefits of krill oil. The studies clearly demonstrate the various health effects Krill oil provides. Let us go deep into the details of the clinical trials conducted for studying the benefits of krill oil.

  • Clinical Trial 1
  • Krill Oil and Blood Cholesterol: One of the research conducted focused on the evaluation of Krill oil on the clinical course of Hyperlipidemia. The research was conducted by eminent professors of Department of Internal Medicine, McGill University of Canada. The research studied the effects of krill oil on blood cholesterol with special emphasis on total cholesterol, triglycerides, LDL (Low Density Lipoproteins) and HDL (High Density Lipoproteins). The study was carried out on 120 patients who were administered 1 gram – 3 gram of krill oil daily to different groups depending on their blood cholesterol profile. Results revealed that 1-3g of krill oil daily was effective in reducing total cholesterol, triglycerides and LDL, and increasing the levels of HDL cholesterol. The results also emphasized that at doses lower or higher than the tested levels were krill oil was more effective than any other fish oil.
  • Clinical Trial 2
  • Krill Oil and Joint Strength: This research was carried out by the Luisa Deutsh Department of Behavioral Science and Health Research, University Health Network Toronto, Canada. This study was formulated in order to evaluate the effect of Krill oil on the CRP (C-reactive protein) in patients with chronic complains of inflammation and also to evaluate its effectiveness on arthritic symptoms. Patients suffering form chronic arthritis and having elevated levels of CRP were selected for the study and were given 300mg of Krill oil daily for a period of 7 and 14 days. Results revealed a drop in CRP levels when Krill oil was administered for 7 days and a further significant drop in the CRP levels was also recorded when the dosage was continues for further 7 days. The krill oil also provided relief in arthritic symptoms and arrested the inflammation caused due to the same.
  • Clinical Trial 3
  • Krill Oil and Cognitive Function: This study was carried out to study the effectiveness of Krill oil in increasing the concentration, focus and planning skills. The patients suffering from cognitive decline, more particularly focus related were administered with 500mg of Krill oil for a period of 3 months and 6 months. Results revealed that the krill oil increased the concentration by 46.7%, focus by 49.8% and planning skills by 47.8%.
  • Clinical Trial 4
  • Krill Oil and Management of Menstrual Health: This study was carried out by eminent researchers at Department of Internal Medicine, McGill University of Canada, Department of Gynecology and Family Medicine and Obstetrics. In this study 70 patients suffering from PMS were enrolled for the study and were administered Krill Oil for a period of 45 days and 90 days. The results of the study revealed that, krill oil was effective in reducing the PMS. Reduction of number of analgesic also reduced PMS for the women in the reproductive age group; they were bound to take the same for reducing the symptoms. The study also revealed that the group that was fed krill oil experienced lesser symptoms as compared to the group that received fish oils.
  • Clinical Trial 5
  • Krill Oil and Emotional Wellbeing: This study was conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of Krill oil on several emotional symptoms such as stress, depression, irritability. Results revealed that krill oil reduced stress by 38%, depression by 39% and irritability by 47%.