What Is the Recommended Usage Period For Krill Oil

What Is the Recommended Usage Period For Krill Oil?


Doctors around the world have been recommending fish oil supplements to their patients for years.
Today, more doctors are recommending their patients take krill oil supplements, which is a more efficient method to getting essential omega-3 fatty acids and anti-oxidants into your body. If you have decided to take a krill oil supplement, you may be wondering how long you should take these pills once you get started. When you take krill oil supplements, the recommended dosage and instructions should be listed on the label. Krill oil is concentrated and very powerful, and the all-natural supplements do not have any toxic ingredients. However, it is always a good idea to take supplements as directed and to talk to your physician before starting a new supplement regimen.
Krill oil provides many health benefits to your body, and it will start working in a relatively short time. The amount of krill oil you should take is relative to your body size. Although there are guidelines, each individual body is different, including your metabolism. It is a good idea to start with the recommended dosage and then to adjust up or down depending on how it makes you feel. You will eventually find the right dosage for your body that gives you all the benefits and keeps you feeling good.
There are a few normal krill dosage guidelines, although you should talk to your physician if you have a specific health problem which may alter your recommended dose. For smaller people, a dosage beginning at 1800 mg of krill oil each day should be sufficient for the first few weeks. After that, amount will usually shrink to 1200 mg of krill oil each day. For people of average size, the beginning dosage is usually 1800 mg each day, which will usually be three softgels for the first two weeks to one month. The maintenance dosage should then be started of about two softgels, or 1200 mg of krill oil, each day. For larger people, the dosage should be the same as that for the average person. Although the average person will stop taking the beginning dosage after two weeks to a month, however, larger people should continue this large dosage for one month before switching to the maintenance dose of two softgels each day.
As mentioned above, taking the suggested dose level every day for the first month will allow you to see how you feel at that dosage. Once you become comfortable with your body’s reaction, slowly adjust the dosage levels up or down depending on how it makes you feel. You may begin to feel more energetic, more mentally alert, and notice a reduction in aches and pains in your body. Krill oil also has shown to reduce inflammation and improve joint health, also has been shown to elevate the mood during down times or during menstrual cycle. Once you become accustomed to the krill oil’s effect on your body, you will find the perfect amount to keep you looking and feeling your best.