What Does Doctor Oz Think of Krill Oil?

What Does Doctor Oz Think About Krill Oil?

Dr. Oz has become one of the best known physicians in the United States, and many people depend on his analysis of medications and health supplements when searching for substances that can help them look and feel better. Dr. Oz recently released his own findings on krill oil, and stated that the Omega-3 fatty acids are important for joints, vision, heart, skin, brain, lowering bad cholesterol, and boosting fertility. On recent Oz shows, Doctor Mercola has presented few new and innovative natural supplements including Doctor Mercola Krill Oil. Mercola Krill Oil is known to have good quality with premium prices. These fatty acids are additionally effective as anti-inflammatories and anti-aging substances, and are found in walnuts, tuna, avocados, salmon, olive oil, and many other delicious foods.

A daily dose of Omega-3 can benefit all parts of your body. Dr. Oz lists Omega-3 fatty acids as one of his five critical vitamins that all women should take each day in order to promote their own health and to benefit baby’s healthy development for those who are pregnant or nursing. The three basic types of Omega-3 are ALA, or alpha-linolenic acid, DHA, which is docosahexaenoic acid, and EPA, or eicosapentaenoic acid. ALA occurs naturally in flaxseed, olive, and soybean oil along with English walnuts, and is eventually converted by the body into DHA. DHA is found most often in fish oil, and most people do not get enough of this essential fatty acid, especially since the body’s conversion of ALA to DHA is slow and does not yield much DHA. Taking a daily dose from between 600 to 1000mg of DHA can help the patient reap many health benefits, and krill oil is a good source of this substance. EPA is also predominantly found in fish oil and is absorbed by your body with your daily dose of Omega-3 DHA.
According to Dr. Oz, the amounts of EPA and DHA found in Krill Oil is so powerful, it performs better than Fish Oil. When you are choosing between fish oil, algae oil, and krill oil, it is important to understand that it is the superior absorption which enables Krill Oil to deliver more health benefits with less amounts of EPA/DHA. Therefore, Krill Oil capsules are smaller than Fish Oil capsules.Although most brands of fish oil have been proven to contain no detectable traces of mercury or PCBs, which are pollutants and toxins that can cause health threats, krill oil supplements do not contain these toxins at all as the krill are in cold, clean water in the Antarctic that is not plagued with mercury.By taking an Omega-3 fatty acid dose each day, Dr. Oz believes one can protect and improve their body’s daily functions, improving joint health and flexibility in motion as well as healthy heart. To follow Dr. Oz’s advice to get the proper amounts of Omega-3 fatty acids each day, try krill oil as a superior source of Omega 3 for all ages.