What Age Groups of Children May Benefit From Krill Oil

What Age Groups of Children May Benefit From Krill Oil?

All over the world, many studies are either currently being conducted to uncover the benefits of taking omega-3 supplements or already concluded. Doctors and scientists agree that by using supplements that contain these essential fatty acids, several health relayed issues can be prevented or improved. Krill oil is quickly over taking fish oil as a supplement that gives great health benefits and many adults are taking a daily dose in order to improve their overall health. Even with all the studies that are occurring, the proper dosage necessary that can provide optimal benefits can change depending on who you talk to.
Many parents have heard that omega-3 fatty acids can be effective in improving attention amont children. Many are worried that they may accidentally give their child too much with the supplements, so this article is going to discuss recommended dosage for kids depending on a few different conditions. Children have been taking cod liver oil for years, but krill oil is an all-natural supplement that is superior to fish oil with its many benefits and easy absorption into the body.
It is important to talk to your physician or pediatrician before giving your child krill oil. Although omega-3s have shown positive results in calming down children with attention related issues, your doctor can give you a better idea for proper amounts for the daily dose. The proper amount of omega-3 in the krill oil may decrease your child’s need for other products and perhaps reduce the risk of side effects which is common in pharmaceutical drugs.
Another movement disorder, has also shown improvement in symptoms when the krill oil is coupled with thyme oil, primrose oil, and vitamin E. Primrose oil and krill oil can also help with developmental coordination disorders, especially when a child is 5 to 12 years old. Studies have additionally found that this can improve behavior, spelling, and reading.
Check with your physician for the amount of krill oil children 4 to 6 years should take each day. Once a child reaches seven years, they should be able to take an adult dosage of 500 mg each day to keep the levels of DHA and EPA safe. Read the label on the bottle of krill oil supplements to find out how much DHA and EPA are contained in each pill. About 180mg of EPA and 120mg of DHA should be safe for kids over 24 hours.
Again, check with your doctor in order to find their recommended dosage and to find out about potential side effects. If your child is allergic to fish or shellfish, they may have an allergic reaction to the krill oil, and their pediatrician can run an allergy screen to make sure this will not happen. The doctor will also give you more information about side effects such as diarrhea, loose stools, and more. However, the many benefits to krill oil can provide will usually outweigh the potential questions that come in mind with any supplement intake. Overall Krill Oil is a safe and beneficial natural supplement which can be used safely by children who are at school age.