Krill Oil Reviews

Krill Oil Reviews #1


My mother has always been a health nut and have come across with Krill Oil reviews during her usual research.  Over the years, she has tried to dozens of supplements, pills, and potions to keep her skin radiant, her body healthy, and her mind sharp.  I am not always sure that these concoctions are actually doing what they were promising,but she always had great faith in their effectiveness.  As I have gotten older, I find myself listening a little more closely when she talks about products she believes are really make a difference.  One she has talked about for years is fish oil, and she is not the only one.

I decided to do some research myself to see whether fish oil does have all the benefits of which it brags.  To my surprise, I came across a product that is virtually unknown, but has been clinically tested to have the same benefits as fish oil, but much, much more.  The product I found is krill oil; an oil that is derived from tiny, shrimp–like creatures, called krill, found in the coldest parts of the ocean.  Tests have actually proven that this oil can have positive effects on good cholesterol while lowering bad cholesterol,can improve skin and hair, and may even improve cognitive function.  Finally, here was a product that had actual scientific evidence backing up its claims.  So I decided to delve in further.
There are a lot of krill oil supplement web sites online, and it can be difficult to find the best one.  At first, I was looking at a product called Extra Strength Mega Red Krill Oil, which is available from many retailers around the world.  At first, this looked like the answer to my questions, until I began to look a little closer.  Sure, this product is twice as effective as regular fish oil, so the increased price was not a big deal.
That is, until I found that Krill Doctor Professional Krill Oil.  The Extra Strength Mega Red Krill Oil was almost twice as expensive as the Krill Doctor, because it only offered 45 pills with 500mg of krill oil each.  The Krill Doctorsupplements had 1200mg of krill oil, so in order to get the daily recommended amount; I would have to take two Krill Doctor Supplements but four of the Mega Red.  That few dollars’ difference would definitely add up within a very short period of time.
I also liked that Krill Doctor is sold directly from the manufacturer on their website, which allowed the company to keep an eye on freshness and expiration dates.  To make sure that I fully understood the product, I contacted Krill Doctor a customer service rep, and she answered my questions knowledgeably and quickly.  As she pointed out, krill oil supplements must be closely monitored so they are sold while they meet the freshness requirements put forth by the European Union directive for krill oil hygiene.  I can’t imagine many things worse than opening a bottle of krill oil supplements that had been on the shelf a few months too long!
In any case, I decided to order the Krill Doctorsupplements and have never looked back.  The price is right, I only have to take two easy-to-swallow gel supplements for day, and there is a money back guarantee if I’m not completely satisfied.  So far, I have noticed a drop in my bad cholesterol and I am feeling more mentally alert.  I am also experiencing less joint pain after an active day.  I can truly recommend the Krill Doctor product as an effective, all-natural way to help your body and mind!

Krill Oil Reviews #2

Recently, my husband went to his doctor for his yearly physical check up.  As we are both getting older, one of the tests the doctor insisted on performing was a cholesterol screening.  Although we try to eat healthy and keep our levels down, my husband’s cholesterol level was slightly higher than the doctor wanted it to be.  He recommended that we both try taking a supplement containing fish oil because it has been found to lower bad cholesterol levels and improve good cholesterol levels.  My husband is not one to simply grab the first product he can find, however.  After many hours of research, he found that krill oil can be more effective than fish oil in maintaining healthy cholesterol ratios.
But the research did not stop there.  There are so many krill Oil products on the market, and they are becoming more popular everyday as more people turn to supplements rather than prescription medications to deal with health issues.  There have been several clinical trials that have proven the effectiveness of krill oil and its effect on cholesterol, joint strength, cognitive function, minstrel health, and emotional well-being.  There were two main products that he finally narrowed his choices to: OmegaGen Cardio and Krill Doctor Professional Krill Oil supplements.  The web sites for both products displayed impressive statistics and facts about each one, but in the end, he decided to go with the Krill Doctor brand.
First, the Krill Doctor supplements are produced from krill that live in the pure waters of the Arctic and Antarctic oceans.  That means that the oil is free of chemicals, pollutants, and other unhealthy microbes that can be found in fish oil.  I also like that Krill Doctor supplements are bought directly from the manufacturer, and any questions we have can be answered tight away by their customer service professionals.  The OmegaGen Cardio Krill oil supplements are sold through other retailers, so it could be more difficult to reach a representative that has a thorough understanding of the product.
Plus, since the Krill Doctor Supplements are never put on a shelf at a retailer or store, their quality and freshness is guaranteed.  This cannot be promised by secondary retailers or distributors.  Krill oil spoilage can be determined by a fishy odor, and the Krill Doctor Krill Oil abides by guidelines issued by a European Union directive that regulates krill oil hygiene and requires a chemical test to examine the freshness of the oil
We only need to take two of the soft gels each day with our meals, and we have noticed more than just an improvement in our cholesterol.  It does not cause reflux or the fishy burps we got from the fish oil supplements.  We have also found that it can be useful for improving memory, cognitive behaviors, and mood.  The price of the Krill Doctor supplements maybe a little higher than fish oil, but it is also at least twice as effective.  For $10-15 dollars a month each, my husband and I have experienced lower cholesterol levels, better joint health, and an overall improvement in our bodies and minds. At his six-month follow-up appointment, his doctor was thrilled with his cholesterol levels!

Krill Oil Reviews #3

If you are like a lot of people, you don’t always have time to lead a perfectly balanced diet or to make sure that you get all of your recommended nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.  I know that between work, kids, my husband, and all the other things I take care of every day, I sometimes do not eat a well-balanced meal three times a day.  In the interest of keeping my health up during these busy times, I often look to supplements to give my body the fuel it needs.
For several years, I was taking a fish oil supplement as recommended by my doctor. However, I had recently read a lot of good news about krill oil.  I am not one to jump on the bandwagon for every new type of supplement that comes out, but after conducting a lot of research, I have found that krill oil really does live up to its expectations.  I often find that I’m performing a lot of physical tasks during the day, including running up and down the stairs at work, hustling kids and their soccer equipment in an out of the car, and taking the dog for his nightly walk.  As I get older, the tasks I used to do without thinking sometimes leave me with aching muscles at night.  Finding a better product than fish oil supplements was a godsend.
Krill oil is derived from tiny creatures found in Arctic areas of the ocean.  Because the water they inhabit is extremely clean, this is a purer oil thing can be found in fish oil, and has been proven to be much more effective.  Although the price is a bit higher than fish oil, it is so much more effective that the price actually ends up balancing itself out.  I was so thrilled with the results that I recommended the product to a friend who lived in Australia who was experiencing many of the same physical issues. Because they work so well, I advised her to try the Krill Doctor brand. I originally purchased this brand because it has a high level of krill oil and is a good source for omega  3, omega 6, omega 9, phospholipids, DHA, EPA, and Astaxanthin.  The ingredients are also known to regulate good cholesterol and lower bad cholesterol, which is the main reason many take it.
Much to her surprise, it turned out that the krill oil supplements from Krill Doctor were even less expensive in Australia because the Australian dollar is stronger than the American dollar.  It worked out that her purchase was about 10% less expensive, on top of the fact that this site sells the product at wholesale prices.  Her delivery was also very fast and arrived within a few days of her order placement, which was a flat-rate of $14.99 no matter where in Australia the product was sent.
The last I heard, she had recommended krill oil supplements to several friends and family members and the feedback has been very positive.  One of the things I like best about these supplements is that I don’t have those gross, fishy tasting burps every day that I experienced from the fish oil, and I’m sure my husband appreciates that, too.  It may sound silly, but that is nothing to laugh at when you combine it with the effectiveness of these products!  I recommend the product offered by Krill Doctor to anyone looking for a more effective supplement to increase flexibility and decrease muscle and joint pain.  Since most companies also offer a money-back guarantee, I figure there’s nothing to lose by trying!