Why Krill Oil

Why Krill Oil?


There are several different dietary supplements based on different types of oils. Generally speaking, all of these supplements are good for you, but few people actually know anything about each and every one of them. To clarify this, we are talking about flax seed oil, salmon oil, cod liver oil, and krill oil. All of these oils are rich in different nutrients that are good for your body, but not all of them are the same. Therefore, we will here do a brief run-through of all of these types of supplements, just for you to get a basic idea on each of them.


Flax Seed Oil 101


Flax seed oil is heavily used by vegetarians as a substitute for fish oil, including salmon, cod liver, as well as krill oil. So, you would be right to assume that flax seed oil is good for you, but it is nothing when compared to some other types of oil, such as krill oil for instance. Namely, flax seed oil is a source of linolenic acid, also known as ALA. In your body, ALA has to be converted to EPA and DHA in order to be useful. However, there are a lot of factors that stop your body from turning ALA into EPA and DHA, and this is the main reason why flax seed oil is not as good as fish oils in general.


Salmon Oil 101


Wild salmon oil pills have become very popular in the recent years, as they are a fantastic source of Omega-3 fatty acids, also known as n-3 fatty acids. Even though many people think that they can get all the n-3 fatty acids they need by eating fish two or three times a week, the fact is that taking salmon oil pills, for instance, is the only way to make sure you have gotten enough n-3 fatty acids and that your body can function normally.


Cod Liver Oil 101


Cod liver oil is produced by extracting it from the liver of the cod fish, which is also known as the halibut fish. This type of fish oil has been used for a very long time in human consumption, and it was very popular throughout the last few centuries. However, it used to have an awful taste, so people weren’t very excited about taking it. Today, it comes in several different flavors, as well as in the form of a pill. It is known for reducing triglyceride levels by up to 50%, as well as for fighting off acne problems.


Krill Oil 101


Finally, we come to the type of oil that is the most efficient and beneficial out of all of these oils. Krill oil has an abundance of benefits, and it is rich in n-3 fatty acids, as well as other nutrients that help our bodies function better, such as EPA and DHA. Naturally, the only source of krill oil is krill, so you cannot find a replacement for it. If you are serious about using krill oil pills, you should take it regularly and discuss the right dosage with your GP.