Is It Recommended For Children To Take Krill Oil

Is It Recommended For Children To Take Krill Oil?

If you have children, you’re always looking for ways to make them healthier and happier. There are so many options for kids these days, including gummy vitamins, vitamin strips that melt on their tongue, and other fun options. One great supplement for kids is krill oil, an improvement on the fish oil that many people take to improve their health. But is it recommended for children to take krill oil?

During World War Two, the UK implemented rationing of food, and many kids had poor diets. The country’s government researched the benefits of fish oil on children, and reported that all children could benefit from taking a cod liver oil pill each day to supplement their diets. Today, cod liver oil is not used as often, although fish oil pills have become an essential supplement. Just like with adults, there are many health benefits to these pills for kids, and krill oil increases those benefits exponentially.

Studies have found that krill oil can increase mental alertness in addition to supporting healthier joints and bones. The all-natural supplements also contain many nutrients that are essential for children and adults, and krill oil has been shown to be 48% more effective than regular fish oil pills. Many of the health benefits of krill oil come from its bounded omega-3 Fatty acids, and these substances are absorbed more easily from krill oil than fish.

Generally, about 1000mg to minimum 500mg of krill oil should be taken each day, whether it is by children or adults. If the child’s diet already includes omega-3 fatty acids from drinks and foods that are fortified with these substances, such as salmon or tuna, it would be adequate to add the minimum 500mg per day provided by most krill oil supplements. Like other Omega 3 supplements Krill oil is safe for children to take, and its many benefits which can improve the overall health among children.

Fish oil has been a supplement for adults and kids for hundreds of years, and krill oil is superior in almost every way. As with any nutritional supplements you would give your children, it is always a good idea to speak to your physician or pediatrician before starting a regimen of krill oil to find out more about dosage advice and possible side effects. For instance, children with a shellfish or fish allergy may find themselves allergic to the krill oil, and it is always better to be safe than sorry! Your doctor can also run allergy tests to make sure nothing in the krill supplement will cause issues.

When you are looking to improve your child’s mental alertness, heart health, overall mood, and added physical flexibility, krill oil may be the answer you are looking for. And unlike most fish oil supplements, they won’t have that fishy aftertaste afterwards! Kids should be taught the importance of a healthy diet and physical exercise as well as taking care of their bodies early. Like many doctors agree krill oil is a good addition to any lifestyle.