Do All Krill Oil Products Work With the Same Efficiency

Do All Krill Oil Products Work With the Same Efficiency?


All over the world, people are beginning to learn the many benefits of taking a krill oil supplement. Although health advocates have recommended fish oil pills for years, research has found that krill oil can be absorbed into the body four times as effectively, and many companies are beginning to manufacture krill oil supplements to meet the large demand. With all the products on the market, how do you know which krill oil product is the most effective?
First, let us explain that krill oil is obtained from transparent, tiny shellfish that live in the Antarctic and Artic sections of the coldest ocean systems. The oil extracted contains omega-3 fatty acids, and the best sources of these substances come from mega red krill oil. The supplements are used for protection against flus and viruses and are effective for people of all ages. The krill oil contains phospholipids that are absorbed by your body more easily than fish oil. Although you may find that krill oil is more expensive than fish oil, it is important to remember that four times the omega-3 fatty acids are absorbed into your body for greater health benefits from krill oil.
In published double blind clinical studies performed by scientists Krill oil has been found to greatly improve joint health. Krill oil has also been found effective to improve mood and provide comfort during premenstrual cycle for physical and emotional issues. Users also take krill oil supplements to boost cardiac health because of the high levels of anti-oxidants in the oil. Additional studies have indicated that these ingredients help to maintain health in the cardiovascular system by raising good cholesterol while lowering bad cholesterol, without the side effects that are caused by many prescription medications. Yet another benefit of mega red krill oil is that it will fight the free radicals found in the air that cause aging, dulling, and wrinkling of our skin through the anti-oxidants in the supplements.
Before you take any dietary supplement, it is advisable to speak to your doctor for best results. Krill oil is natural and potential side effects are very few, such as; allergic reaction to shellfish. Krill oil also naturally elements which thin the blood, and should not be taken if the patient is already on blood thinning medications. The krill oil supplements should also be halted at least two weeks before surgery due to these blood thinning properties. If a new mother is pregnant or nursing, it is important to check with the obstetrician before introducing new health supplements into the diet.
Krill oil supplements do not have that fishy aftertaste that many fish oil pills can cause, and you only need to take 1 to 2 pills each day rather than the several pills required when taking fish oil supplements. The many health benefits that the natural krill oil supplements can give your body and mind can help your immune system, cardio health, healthy menstrual cycle, improved joint health, and skin aging, and it is definitely worth a try.