Can Krill Oil Benefit Brain Health and Cognitive Function

Can Krill Oil Benefit Brain Health and Cognitive Function?

For years, fish has been called brain food because of the many benefits its fatty acids can have on the brain, as well as the overall health of the rest of your body. Recently, krill oil has been growing in popularity because it has all the benefits of fish oil, but is about four times more effective and is more easily absorbed into your body. The central nervous system and brain have some of the highest levels of omega-3 in the human body. By improving the levels of these essential fatty acids, one can improve their cognitive function and brain health. This can benefit people of all ages which can vary from young children to seniors.

The brain cell membranes are constructed using omega-3 phospholipids, which additionally facilitate cell signaling. For example, if a child’s brain does not have a sufficient level of omega-3, it may delay development and affect cell functioning. For older people, an inadequate level of omega-3 in the brain could affect cognitive performance. Taking a daily supplement of the appropriate dose of krill oil can help to provide the extra levels of fatty acids the brain and nervous system need to thrive.
For kids, there are many rapid changes through the development of the brain that require essential nutrients that include omega-3. Studies have found correlations between children and babies omega-3 levels with their developmental outcomes. Also, children who have low levels of omega-3 in their blood often have difficulty focusing in classroom and home environments. These observations indicate that children must have adequate levels of omega-3 in order to properly develop and focus.
For seniors, taking special efforts to maintain memory and cognitive ability is critical. Taking an omega-3 supplements with diets rich in omega-3 fatty acids have been linked to improving and preventing mild memory problems and cognitive decline that are associated with the aging process. Scientists have already declared that, one may maintain a good mood by consuming omega-3 in adequate amounts.
Krill oil, an excellent source of omega-3, contains these fatty acids in the form of phospholipids. In fish oil supplements, these substances occur as triglycerides. Studies have shown that phospholipids present in human milk cross the blood-brain barrier more easily, meaning the phospholipids contained in krill oil are transported more easily into the brain than the omega-3 fatty acids present in fish oil supplements. All-natural krill oil also has other benefits for the entire body, including supporting joint and bone health and flexibility. Clinical studies also showed that Omega 3 fatty acids are helpful for children to improve their attention which unfortunately primarily addressed by pharmaceutical drugs currently. Therefore, Omega 3 Krill Oil is a perfect natural option to consider for those who are are concerned about potential side effects of pharmaceutical drugs.
Krill oil contains omega-3 fatty acids in their most efficient form of phospholipids for the human body. With faster and easier absorption rates, the human body can benefit from these substances from childhood through the senior years. Talk to your doctor about adding a daily krill oil supplement to your diet. When you are looking, thinking, and feeling better in a few months, you’ll be happy that you did!